Eggplant Cacciatore

I love using eggplant to cook. It has amazing flavor and can be used in many different ways. This recipe for Eggplant Cacciatore is incredibly easy and delicious. I state to use tomato sauce in the recipe, I used my homemade sauce (see here) and I felt it gave the recipe even more flavor. If there is a specific sauce that you like, feel free to use it. This is a perfect dish for a busy night when you need dinner pretty quick. This whole recipe took about 30 minutes to get on the table.  Continue reading “Eggplant Cacciatore”

Cheesy Spaghetti Squash


I was wondering my grocery store one day and saw these huge spaghetti squash on sale. I was constantly seeing recipes using them and I wanted to try them out for myself. This recipe is great if you love creamy, cheesy goodness but trying to cut down on the pasta and carbs.  Continue reading “Cheesy Spaghetti Squash”

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers


Eating healthy can get very boring sometimes because you feel like you are in a rut  with options but luckily these Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers are not only great for you, they are delicious! I used my Spicy Bean and Corn Salad as the filling for this and it worked perfectly! If you have another version you like, feel free to use that one. This is also full of brown rice so you have tons of healthy carbs. This is a great way to eat healthy! They also re-heat well so you can make a bunch ahead of time so you can have plenty to last your throughout the week!  Continue reading “Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers”

Tortellini Mac and Cheese


tortellini mac and cheese

Who doesn’t love some mac and cheese? It’s the ultimate in comfort food and this dish is no different! It takes it to a different level by using cheese tortellini to make this even cheesier! You must feed your cheese craving with some Tortellini Mac and Cheese!  Continue reading “Tortellini Mac and Cheese”