Eat Well Live Well

eat well live well

I recently received a copy of the newest special issue from Woman’s World magazine called Eat Well, Live Well which features 130 plant based recipes organized by color. This book covers every fruit and vegetable you can imagine and delicious ways to prepare them. Continue reading “Eat Well Live Well”

Kindness and Salt


Who doesn’t love a good cookbook? I have grown quite a collection of cookbooks over the years and the information in Kindness and Salt is something I wish came out years ago. The book is written by the owners of two of Brooklyn’s favorite restaurants, Buttermilk Channel and French Louie, and it breaks down recipes in a way that makes sense that even the most beginner chef could use. Continue reading “Kindness and Salt”

The Southern Living Party Cookbook


Being born and raised in New England, the rules of southern living are a little foreign to me. That’s why I loved to get a copy of The Southern Living Party Cookbook. This book covered many aspects of the south that I never experienced, like crab boils and chuck wagon dinners. The author, Elizabeth Heiskell, was raised in the Mississippi Delta, so she came with a full knowledge of all things southern.  Continue reading “The Southern Living Party Cookbook”

Make Your First Cooking Video with the Kids and Develop Healthy Habits

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash

I have a guest post today by writer Jane Edwards. She writes about how to make your own cooking videos at home as a family activity. Check it out below:

Continue reading “Make Your First Cooking Video with the Kids and Develop Healthy Habits”

Tyson Tastemakers: Chicken Arrabbiata

It’s meal review kit time again! I saw this Tyson Tastemakers: Chicken Arrabbiata kit at the grocery store and it sounded incredible so I knew I had to give it a try. This one may be my favorite yet! Continue reading “Tyson Tastemakers: Chicken Arrabbiata”