Taco Stuffed Potatoes

It’s officially 2018! I hope you rang in the New Year under happy circumstances. I don’t know about where you are but it is COLD here. Like my car is a block of ice and makes me want to crawl into bed all day kind of cold. So I’m craving comfort foods that have all my favorites and a little bit of spice to warm me up. That’s why these Taco Stuffed Potatoes are a great option for these bitter winter days. It’s a little carb heavy but when you can’t feel your toes, maybe a few extra carbs are worth it!  Continue reading “Taco Stuffed Potatoes”

Taco Pasta

I don’t know about you but tacos are big in my house. They are a go-to recipe for whenever I want something easy and delicious! I came up with this one night when I had some ground beef and a box of macaroni that I wanted to use so I did a quick ingredient check and came up with this delicious meal. The beef and beans worked perfectly with the pasta and made it a very filling meal.  Continue reading “Taco Pasta”

Baked Taco Eggrolls

Baked Taco Eggrolls

Egg rolls are an amazing creation! You can really get creative and fill them with whatever you want. I make Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls and they are always a hit wherever we take them. Another great thing about egg rolls is that you can bake them or fry them. Frying them gives them an awesome crispy skin that cooks up well but baking them gives a crunch. It’s also cleaner as you don’t have to worry about oil and cleaning up your deep fryer.  Continue reading “Baked Taco Eggrolls”

Layered Enchiladas



This is something I like to throw together once in awhile, it versatile with the toppings and delicious
It’s a mix between tradional enchiladas and a layered lasagna. You can add the toppings you would like too; salsa, sour cream, jalapeños, whatever you like! Continue reading “Layered Enchiladas”