Cheddar Beef Pasta Bake

If you love a hearty meat sauce, then you will love this Cheddar Beef Pasta Bake. It’s got a delicious flavor and will fill you up on a cold winter day. I use my own homemade sauce (see here) but you can use a jar of your favorite brand.

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Lemon Chicken Pasta

Lemon is a great addition to a recipe to add an extra boost of flavor and freshness. This Lemon Chicken Pasta has a nice cream sauce with a hint of lemon and the lemon slices for garnish add the perfect extra amount of delicious that you will be sure to love!  Continue reading “Lemon Chicken Pasta”

Spinach Ricotta Penne


I love how creamy and rich the sauce on this recipe came out. Not only was is delicious but it clung to the penne perfectly so every bite gives you flavor. This Spinach Ricotta Penne is a perfect comfort food recipe when you want some flavor but still get your vegetables. I love using spinach in recipes because it’s so versatile and this dish is no different. The ricotta makes the sauce very thick so save a bit of pasta water so thin it out if you need to.  Continue reading “Spinach Ricotta Penne”

Chicken Primavera Pasta

I am a big fan of rich, creamy sauces on my pasta and salads. Alfredo, ranch, blue cheese, caesar….I’m all about it. But sometimes you want something light and good for you. This recipe is loaded with healthy veggies and a light coating of cheese that doesn’t overpower the dish, you could even skip it completely if you wanted to. The chicken adds a nice helping of protein and the veggies are cooked just enough to not get too mushy. If you want to go low carb, switch up the pasta to non-wheat with this lentil based penneContinue reading “Chicken Primavera Pasta”

Creamy Chicken Alfredo

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved Fettuccine Alfredo. The pasta noodles mixed with that decadent sauce is one of those cheat meals that makes the next days workout worth it! This Creamy Chicken Alfredo is extra treadmill time worthy. I’ve added the chicken to this for some extra protein and I also use whole milk instead of cream to cut down a little on the calories! It doesn’t change the sauce consistency, it’s still nice and creamy!  Continue reading “Creamy Chicken Alfredo”