Oven Baked Pulled Pork

oven baked pulled pork

This oven baked pulled pork is the perfect way to spend a free day. This makes a big batch that you can store for the week for your favorite recipes! Whether it’s enchiladas or sandwiches, having your pork already shredded and ready to go will save you tons of prep time later in the week. I sometimes make this in the crockpot, but this version comes out nice and moist too and the dutch oven holds more meat over my slow cooker. Keep this recipe on hand for anytime you want easy oven pulled pork demand. Continue reading “Oven Baked Pulled Pork”



Cabbage is a staple of Polish and Irish dishes. I had some leftover from my version of Colcannon potatoes so I decided to try an authentic Polish dish called Golumpki. Golumpki is basically stuffed cabbage or a cabbage roll. It’s full of meat and cooks up nicely in the oven. Obviously, this may differ from your Babcia’s recipe but it’s the one I found that’s easy to make and still pretty authentic. I used my go-to marinara for this (see here) but if you have a favorite sauce, feel free to use that. Continue reading “Golumpki”

Blackened Chicken with Avocado Hot Sauce

I recently got the opportunity to try some Kumana Avocado Sauce and I knew that this Blackened Chicken was the perfect dish to accompany it. I used the Mango Sweet sauce which was the ying to the spice in the chicken. This recipe is very easy to prep and make and makes a perfect meal prep recipe. The avocado sauce has natural ingredients and comes in three different versions so you can have it as spicy as you crave!  You can find out more about Kumana here. Now that it’s finally warming up outside, this sauce is perfect for outdoor grilling. You can use it on grilled meat, as a topping off your morning eggs or to give a little extra pop to your fish tacos!

If you are looking for easy and delicious, then Blackened Chicken with Avocado Hot Sauce is just right for you!  Continue reading “Blackened Chicken with Avocado Hot Sauce”

Apple Stuffing with Bacon and Caramelized Onions

Now I know that February isn’t really the time to be discussing Thanksgiving but…..homemade stuffing is pretty awesome and if you are somebody who likes planning ahead, then this recipe for Apple Stuffing with Bacon and Caramelized Onions is perfect to try now and have picture perfect ready by November! This dish is the perfect mix of sweet and savory.

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Chili Lime Pepper Chicken

I love this recipe for Chili Lime Pepper Chicken! It’s incredibly easy to put together so you can let it marinade all day and have it on the table in less than an hour. It’s also low on fat and carbs so it’s a great option for meal prepping because you can make a lot at one time and they reheat very well!

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