Cabbage is a staple of Polish and Irish dishes. I had some leftover from my version of Colcannon potatoes so I decided to try an authentic Polish dish called Golumpki. Golumpki is basically stuffed cabbage or a cabbage roll. It’s full of meat and cooks up nicely in the oven. Obviously, this may differ from your Babcia’s recipe but it’s the one I found that’s easy to make and still pretty authentic. I used my go-to marinara for this (see here) but if you have a favorite sauce, feel free to use that. Continue reading “Golumpki”

20 Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipes

April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day! I’ve put together the ultimate list of grilled cheese options that you will love! I’m covering everything you could want from the sweetness of fruit to the meat stuffed fillers you crave! No matter what you are in the mood for you should definitely check out my post on the perfect grilled cheese method so not matter what you choose, you will have the ultimate melty sandwich! These are sandwich ideas from different blogs that I love to definitely go and check them out too! So whether you love brie or cheddar; sourdough or wheat, you will find an ultimate sandwich for your ultimate mood.  Continue reading “20 Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipes”