Tyson Tastemakers: Tomato Braised Chicken Cacciatore

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a meal kit review so I wanted to write about one of my favorite ones yet! I tried another Tyson Tastemaker kit, which you can find at your local grocery store, and this was for Tomato Braised Chicken Cacciatore with peppers and shaved parmesan.

I’ve reviewed Tyson kits before (see here and here) and I like them. They give you everything you need and make the directions very easy to understand. The best thing about the kit is the Tuscan Seasoned Chicken Thighs. The seasoning on them is absolutely amazing! The second it hits the pan to cook, your kitchen fills with an drool worthy smell. Once I smelled that chicken, I couldn’t wait for this to be done to try it.

The peppers were fresh and sweet and mixed wonderfully with the braising sauce that made it rich and flavorful.

The sauce clings to the pasta (which doesn’t need to be boiled) and mixes together quickly. You get plenty of shaved parmesan to top it with too. We didn’t even use all the cheese and ended up saving some to use later.

Overall, this was one of my more favorable kits. The flavoring of the chicken thighs alone bumped this up really high. It was delicious. I also liked that it stayed within the 15 minute cooking time that was listed on the box. I highly recommend this.

You can find these kits in the butcher section of your grocery store and you can find out more about their different kits here.

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