Tyson Tastemakers: Parmesan Breaded Chicken

It’s time for another meal review. This time it’s for the Tyson Tastemakers Parmesan Breaded Chicken! This was a very easy kit to make and again came with everything I needed with very clear instructions. This is a great kit to use if you are new to making risotto and wanted a practice run. 

The chicken came sealed in a delicious smelling marinade, the snap peas were super fresh and the rest of the ingredients were ready to go as well. I love that these kits provide everything you need. They suggested using two separate skillets, but in all honesty I was lazy and didn’t want to wash more pans so I did everything in one. I started with making the risotto, which ended up very creamy and smooth.

After the risotto was done, I put it in a covered bowl and got to work on the chicken, the marinade helped the breadcrumbs coat nicely so the chicken fried up very evenly. The snap peas also came out with just the right amount of char on them. This kit also gives you freshly shaved Parmesan so the perfect aesthetic can be reached when everything is plated!

This meal was very good. Everything came out flavorful and was on the table in the 45 minute timetable the box predicted. I would definitely recommend this meal for anyone looking for a low effort meal.

This Tyson Tastemakers kit was in the refrigerator section of the grocery store and costs $15.99. You can find my other meal kit reviews here and here.

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