Tyson Tastemakers: Nashville Hot and Crispy Chicken

As much as I love cooking, sometimes meal planning and portioning out ingredients gets tedious. That’s why when my Big Y started selling these meal kits ready to go in the butcher section, I thought I’d give it a try. This is going to be a new series on the blog where I try out these boxes and let you know how easy they are to cook, how delicious they are and whether they are worth your money. Today we are reviewing Tyson Tastemakers: Nashville Hot and Crispy Chicken. 

What caught my attention right away is that it includes everything you need and tells you everything you need to prepare it. They really make it super easy, especially if you are new to cooking and don’t really know about portioning out or what tools to use. Everything comes vacuum packed, with fresh vegetables and marinated meats. They also include the sauce, toppings, etc. If you portion out shopping for everything on your own, you would pay more than $15.99 total, which is what this was. Based on the portions given, you can feed two people with this box. If you have a small appetite, you can stretch it to three meals.

The cornbread was the easiest I’ve ever made since it was a mix and it smelled awesome because it had peach in it. It wasn’t the moistest cornbread you will have but for a box mix, you could have much worse. These muffins were good and a good side.

The breading on the chicken was flavorful and fried up nice and easy. However, the sauce was a little too overwhelming for me. If you love trying new sauces, then definitely give it try. I would say the garlic and bacon sauce for the green beans was the standout on this box. The beans were nice and crisp and the sauce was a great touch. Overall, this was an easy meal to prepare and if you are in a southern mood but don’t want to cook, this is quick to get on the table and a great option for a busy night.

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