Tyson Tastemakers: Carne Asada Street Tacos

It’s time to try another meal kit! I love me some tacos and this kit looked like a delicious way to have a delicious meal. I tried one previously (see my Nashville chicken post) and I wanted to see how this one would far out. I found these in the meat section of my local Big Y grocery store. This kit comes with everything you need to prepare the meal and they also give you a list of all the tools you need to make it also. 

It started by having you prep the beans in the broth and pickling the onions with the seasoning. It also has a packet of salsa verde for topping. They wanted to use two seperate pans for this but I just used one. I browned all the tortillas and wrapped them in foil to keep them warm. Then I cooked the carne asada, which smelled amazing, till it was browned.

In full disclosure, the pickled onions were a little too much for me raw so I threw the in the pan after the meat was done to brown them up for a bit. That’s totally a personal preference.

The kit recommends that you use two of the tortillas to make the tacos and that did work out right for the amount of meat and toppings that you get. Overall, this was a delicious and easy meal that was done in 30 minutes. If you love some spice and want something quick, pick up this kit and enjoy!

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