The Ultimate Game Day Spread

This is a sponsored post from G.H. Cretors. It does not change the opinions stated about the product. 

We are almost at the end of football season and the big game is right around the corner. No matter which city you live in, it’s a chance to get together and throw an awesome party. Number one thing you need is food! The ultimate game day spread involves a mix of a few things, some easy finger food like a sub or Taco Cupcakes, and you need tasty snacks to munch on. 

The lovely folks at G.H. Cretors have come up with two BRAND NEW flavors coming out next month that will make any snack time enjoyable. I got a chance to get a snack peak tasting and they are both delicious! The Buffalo & Ranch Mix has that spice that hits you in the tastebuds and is perfect for the spicy lovers in your group and the Cheese Lovers Mix speaks for itself. A delicious blend of 4 cheeses that’s smooth and savory.

Popcorn is the perfect side to any of your game day foods because it’s delicious while still light enough to not ruin your appetite. If you are a sweet and salty snacker, then you should pick up one of the original flavors, The Mix. It’s the classic caramel corn mixed with cheddar cheese and it’s amazing! I had my children taking pieces off my plate all night!

Luckily, you still have two weeks to get your game day menu down so you can find as many delicious snacks as your guests can handle and cheer on your team with happy, full bellies! Make sure you go to G.H.’s website to get a list of all the stores that carry them. You can also get The Mix through Amazon (see here) if you can’t make a trip. As I said, the Buffalo and Cheese mixes don’t come out till next month so keep your eyes out till then so you can try them both for yourself!

I found having a cool theme for your decorations and props to play with helps everyone relax and enjoy themselves. It also helps to keep condiments on hand for any request: mayo, hot sauce, relish, etc. You never know what makes something extra delicious!

For the ultimate ease of guests, an ice tub for drinks nearby makes it easy to grab what you need and get back to the TV. To get your own football snack stadium, see here.

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