The Neverending Story Takes Place Inside Target

I had to make a Target run yesterday. I don’t know about everyone else but I make a list of exactly what I’m going there for and how much money I can spend because I can NEVER go to Target and leave with just what I came for. So I had my list:

1) Rain Gear for my son

2) Footie jammies

That was it. Two things. I even took my husband with me so I could have a voice of reason and keep me from buying things.

store_aisle It’s like a casino, bright lights and oxygen pumped in the room to keep you there.  (Photo courtesy of

I ended up spending $60 on jammies, a new straw cup for J, a new bra for me, some more Halloween candy because I made the mistake of opening a bag early and now I know it won’t last till Halloween with the two adult candy fiends in the house, and some snacks for J. My husband was the one who had to be walked away from things, I’m the one who had to convince him that the dog probably doesn’t need a Halloween costume. I forgave myself for the final amount figuring it wasn’t as bad as previous Target outings.

Then I got home and realized that the bra was the wrong size. We had dinner about to go in the oven which would take a good 1/2 hour to cook so my husband made the suggestion to just run back to Target and exchange it. So I returned to Target by myself to exchange one thing. 

I walked out the door another $70 later.

What happened between customer service and checkout you ask?

Well, once I found the right bra size I thought how I would like a new shirt to wear over it. So that was added to the pile. Then I remembered that we needed new ice cube trays since our old ones cracked. So that adventure took me to the kitchen section where I looked threw every aisle at least three times and I could not find these damn trays! I asked an associate who walked me over to the plastic plates and forks and told me they should have been there. Alas, they were not. Then I wandered outside of the kitchen area to the home section and saw some storage shelfs for behind a door that I had been making a mental note to pick up for awhile. I grabbed those thinking if I didn’t buy them now, it would be months before I got around to it again. Another $30 to add to the bill but I was in too deep at this point. Then while cutting through the aisle with the dish drainers what do I see in front of me?

Ice. Cube. Trays.

Not in the kitchen area, not with freezer items. They were in the middle of the home section in the same aisle as closet hangers! I’m still confused as to how these items all got lumped together in this aisle but I was so grateful to have finally found them that I didn’t ask questions. I grabbed those and walked to the checkout line with tunnel vision. Paid and left and vowed that I didn’t care what was wrong with anything I bought, I wasn’t coming back again tonight!

I came home to my husband seeing the bags and knowing that I was right when I said I only go to Target every few months for this exact reason!


Does this happen to you when you go to Target? Do you have a story of finding an item in the weirdest aisle? Share below.

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