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It’s been awhile since I’ve written about a fellow blogger. I recently had an interview with Emily over at The Multitasking Mom. Not only is she a fellow Connecticut mom, she’s also expecting her second child soon and has some great tips for working moms and just busy moms in general. Go and check her out! 

Here’s the interview with Emily here:

1) Tell us about yourself?
I am a working wife and mom of a 3 year old and expecting my second on May 6th. Aside from my nine to five, I am a professional dancer and dance teacher. I have danced for various sports teams, companies, and as a backup dancer. I am also the founder of a nonprofit, I Hope You Dance, Inc. which is aimed at supporting youth dance. I am also a pageant queen and least year held the title of National Mrs. New York 2015. Lastly, I am currently in grad school pursuing a masters degree in mathematics.
2) What’s your blog and what’s it about?
My blog is called The Multitasking Mom ( as that pretty much sums up my life. I mainly blog about time management and organization skills in order to effectively combine work and family into a happy life. I also discuss fitness and occasionally a craft project. Interspersed throughout my blog are fun anecdotes and humor to help you through your day.
3) What is the hardest part of parenting?

The hardest part of parenting so far is getting over the feeling that I’m going to damage my kid, as in emotionally or mentally. Many of our hang ups and issues come from our parents. It’s impossible to be perfect, so I think the hardest part is remembering that your best is all you can do. A close second is not laughing when your toddler does something wrong. Sometimes what they do is hilarious, but you don’t want to send the wrong message and make it OK.
4) What’s the most rewarding part of parenting?

The most rewarding part of parenting is the hugs and the cuddles, the kisses and the holding hands. This is likely to decrease as my son gets older, but then there will be new things to find rewarding. For now, seeing my son’s eyes light up when he sees me after I’ve been out of the room. Watching him discover new things and learn new skills. Watching him be kind and helpful and polite to others. These ting make me proud to be his mom.
5) What’s your favorite part of blogging?

My favorite part of blogging is the community. Everyone has so many different perspectives and skills to share. I love imparting my time management and organizational skills to others and reading their appreciation of the information. At the same time, I have learned so much from other bloggers whether it be about potty training, crafting, or learning a new recipe. Everyone is so generous with the knowledge. It really is amazing.
6) Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years, I will hopefully be blogging away with two kids in school, maybe even 3! I hope to have switched careers into education teaching math at the community college level either online or in person. I have every intention of continuing to dance, but I’m not yet sure in what capacity. I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage with my wonderful hubby who is the ying to my yang. Finally, I will be happy and blessed no matter what happens because well, life is a blessing and we can always find a silver lining even in the toughest times.

5 thoughts on “The Multitasking Mom

  1. This is an awesome interview! Parenting certainly presents a huge sum of challenges for everyone, but you guys do a great job highlighting how steeply the positives outweigh and hardships. Fantastic post! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  2. My Hubby always laughs at me when I am cooking, because that is when I take care of all of my phone calls. Thanks for the post now I can tell him that this is good. Maybe he will believe you. (He hate phones)

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