How to Tailgate without Leaving Home

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We are now at the closing stretch of football season and whether or not your team is doing well, for those of us in the north especially, the process of tailgating has taken on new challenges with temperatures now dropping to uncomfortable levels. So instead of braving the cold and camping out in a parking lot, so lets talk about how to tailgate from home and try “homegating”! 

Homegating is becoming more and more popular as people like to stay warm, get a good view of the game on TV and be able to use their kitchen for more yummy treats! Now the food is one of the best parts of football Sunday. You can make everyone happy with all sorts of goodies but if you are someone who wants to spend more time enjoying the game and less time in front of the oven, then Farm Rich is exactly what you need!

While I’ve made my fair share of football fun foods (Taco Cupcakes, Pulled Pork Potato Skins) sometimes I just want to throw something yummy in the oven and enjoy. I loved all the variety Farm Rich provided, from Loaded Potato Skins to Mozzarella Sticks and they had tons of flavored meatballs that were easy to drench in sauce and serve!

What I love the most about using Farm Rich is that there is a ton of variety so everybody has something that can make them happy! They have Jalapeño Peppers, Mozzarella Bites, and much more that you can see here. I made a spread with Mozzarella Sticks, Loaded Potato Skins that I topped with some sour cream for extra flavor and some Italian Style Meatballs! They are available at grocery stores all over the country and are a great option to keep on hand in case your cozy homegate turns into a football blowout!

If you love showing off your Farm Rich goodies, be sure to post with the hashtag #HomegatingHero and spread the word about these awesome snacks!

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