Pesto Spaghetti with Seared Tuna

I am a lover of food as anyone who visits here regularly can attest. But I know that there are some of my recipes that are difficult for some of my readers to do. Since May is Celiac Awareness Month I wanted to share some information for all your pasta lovers who can’t indulge. There is a new brand of gluten free pasta alternative out there that will let your indulge without guilt! There is pasta from Explore Cuisine made from edamame, black beans, soybeans, chickpeas and more. You can find out more about the pasta choices at Explore Cuisine’s website. I am featuring a recipe today using edamame spaghetti that is coated in pesto and topped with seared tuna!  You can get your own box of Edamame Spaghetti hereContinue reading “Pesto Spaghetti with Seared Tuna”

Skillet Tuna Penne

My husband is a huge tuna fan so it’s a staple on my shopping list. He usually just throws it together and makes a quick dish but I wanted to add a little something extra. This Skillet Tuna Penne is a creamy, easy dish that is a great change of pace from regular tuna casserole, and it smells amazing! However, if you want to go the classic route, you can find a recipe for Tuna Casserole hereContinue reading “Skillet Tuna Penne”