Bacon and Tomato Rotini

A great pasta recipe is a must have for a busy night, luckily this Bacon and Tomato Rotini is just the thing! You can have it on the table in less than a half hour and it will make everyone happy with it’s mix of cheese, garlic, bacon and tomatoes! I used the rotini for this since the rolls helped the olive oil and garlic mix to really stick to the pasta and hold onto the flavor. This is a must try for any night of the week!  Continue reading “Bacon and Tomato Rotini”

Bacon, Garlic and Tomato Penne

Bacon, Garlic and Tomato Penne

Lets be honest, bacon is a gift and can go well with anything. This Bacon, Garlic and Tomato Penne is a great way to use that bacon to give you a dish that can’t be beat! This is super creamy and the salty bacon mixes great with the garlic! You will love this dish! Continue reading “Bacon, Garlic and Tomato Penne”

No Bread BLT

Now that it’s a new year many people are trying to get healthier. You can go all in and load up on grilled chicken and salads or you can slowly start making changes. Like changing up your regular lunch choices! One of the hardest things about dieting is avoiding some foods that you love, like BLTs. It’s easy to say that BLTs are the ultimate in sandwiches but if you are trying to cut back on carbs it’s hard to give it up. This No Bread BLT is a great way to enjoy your favorite food but not go overloaded on your daily carb count. This is easy and delicious!  Continue reading “No Bread BLT”