Skillet Baked Ziti

I loved how this Skillet Baked Ziti came out! One pan meals are very popular due to the simplicity and the easy clean up! This recipe definitely falls in that category. Everything cooks up right in the skillet and finish off under the broiler for a few minutes for a perfectly saucy, cheesy pasta dish!  Continue reading “Skillet Baked Ziti”

Skillet Kielbasa Mac and Cheese Penne

skillet kielbasa mac and cheese penne

I love kielbasa! I prefer it over sausage and try to incorporate into my recipes when I can. This Skillet Kielbasa Mac and Cheese Penne is a spin off of my Spicy Kielbasa Pasta, it’s a great option if you don’t want the extra spice. This is perfectly creamy and the Panko breadcrumbs give just the right amount of crunch! If you prefer sausage or that’s the only thing you have, you can absolutely substitute that for the kielbasa. The great thing about this is that it’s one pan and low prep so you can get it on the table quickly and clean up will be a breeze!  Continue reading “Skillet Kielbasa Mac and Cheese Penne”

Skillet Garlic and Cheese Penne


Skillet Garlic and Cheese Penne

Let’s not lie to ourselves, cheese is amazing. I love anything cheese! But lately my thing is a creamy, thick cheese sauce! I’ve been working on getting something that just coats pasta perfectly and melts even more in your mouth and this may have done it. The cheese was coating my whisk and I could have just eaten a bowl of it. The nice crusty top gave it an awesome crunch too that helps with the decedent thickness of the cheese!  Continue reading “Skillet Garlic and Cheese Penne”