Spinach Stuffed Chicken

If you are looking for a recipe for your chicken breast that will make everyone happy, you will love this Spinach Stuffed Chicken. It’s stuffed with ricotta and topped with sauce and cheese. It’s like a chicken lasagna on your plate!

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Spinach Ricotta Penne


I love how creamy and rich the sauce on this recipe came out. Not only was is delicious but it clung to the penne perfectly so every bite gives you flavor. This Spinach Ricotta Penne is a perfect comfort food recipe when you want some flavor but still get your vegetables. I love using spinach in recipes because it’s so versatile and this dish is no different. The ricotta makes the sauce very thick so save a bit of pasta water so thin it out if you need to.  Continue reading “Spinach Ricotta Penne”

Easy Manicotti


This is one of the easiest recipes that I have made. Honestly. There is no boiling, no chopping, the most labor intensive work is filling the shells and this tastes like it takes so much more work. You will love how delicious and easy this is!  Continue reading “Easy Manicotti”