Pork Enchiladas

Pork Enchiladas

I loved how delicious these Pork Enchiladas came out. They cook up easily and will be a hit with your dinner table. The secret I discovered is to take your pork and fry it up in the skillet for a few minutes before putting in the tortilla. It will give the pork some extra flavor and you can taste it in the enchilada! I used some leftover pulled pork for this and it made this recipe so much easier to make since the ground work was already done. Try these Pork Enchiladas and you won’t be disappointed!  Continue reading “Pork Enchiladas”

Double Bean and Beef Enchiladas

I think everyone needs to have those recipes that are good to have for busy nights. These Double Bean and Enchiladas are just the thing! I love black beans, they are a huge staple in my cooking but I love to try out new ingredients with it to change things up and so I used my trusty black beans in this recipe along with refried beans, which gave it just the right amount of flavor! I loved how these came out and would absolutely make them again!  Continue reading “Double Bean and Beef Enchiladas”

Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas

You can always count on enchiladas for a great meat option. These are packed with so much goodness that you will love how much you are getting. It’s got protein, fiber, vitamins and most of all they are delicious! I used homemade enchilada sauce to help cut down on excess sugar and it really came out great!  Continue reading “Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas”

5 Ingredient Baked Enchiladas

I love these! They are a mix of cheesy, meaty, beany goodness! Also, easy to buy for as these only take 5 ingredients! These are an amazing weeknight meal when everyone is hungry and you don’t want to spend a lot of time prepping, these are delicious and reheat well for leftovers!  Continue reading “5 Ingredient Baked Enchiladas”