Double Bean and Beef Enchiladas

I think everyone needs to have those recipes that are good to have for busy nights. These Double Bean and Enchiladas are just the thing! I love black beans, they are a huge staple in my cooking but I love to try out new ingredients with it to change things up and so I used my trusty black beans in this recipe along with refried beans, which gave it just the right amount of flavor! I loved how these came out and would absolutely make them again!  Continue reading “Double Bean and Beef Enchiladas”

5 Ingredient Baked Enchiladas

I love these! They are a mix of cheesy, meaty, beany goodness! Also, easy to buy for as these only take 5 ingredients! These are an amazing weeknight meal when everyone is hungry and you don’t want to spend a lot of time prepping, these are delicious and reheat well for leftovers!  Continue reading “5 Ingredient Baked Enchiladas”