How to Make a Healthy Acai Bowl

There’s something new you might want to reconsider for your next meal: the humble bowl. Turns out, if you pick a mix of ingredients that are good for you and taste good together, you might be able to meet your nutrition needs and have an Instagram-worthy meal, too—all thanks to the bowl. In fact, bowl meals are sweeping food trends, inspiring lots of people to rethink how they can eat well and eat beautiful, too.

               One of the most trendy, and nutritionally deserving, superstars of the bowl world is the acai. The acai is a berry, found in South America, that fills a tiny little fruit with a whole lot of nutrition powerhouse. The berry doesn’t transport or store well, which is why you probably won’t be able to find it in the produce aisles at your local grocery store. However, it does powder and puree extraordinarily well, making it a great base for bowls. This graphic showcases some ideas.

Açaí Bowls 101: How to Make Your Next Bowl a Healthy One

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