Have You Been Minted?

I have reached the promised land in paper supplies. I have discovered a great website for those looking for that perfect way to announce their big event, minted.com!

This site has everything from wedding invites to party decorations but what really stood out for me was their fabulous birth announcements. They have so many different options, including beautiful foil pressed announcements.(Seriously, check those out. They actually let you see how the foil shines!) It would be impossible for you not to find something that introduces your new little munchkin in a way totally unique to you. They even offer free samples for new moms to check out!

minted foil(How adorable would your baby look on here?)

minted (These minibooks are exclusively at minted.com)


Not only are the people at minted.com great at announcing your little ones arrival, they have options to decorate the nursery. They have great pieces, some customizable, that you can hang that will also make great keepsakes as your baby gets older. You can find a piece for anywhere in your house.

vintage minted(I adore this design, it’s perfect for boy or girl)

stitch (I could fill a wall with these)

What makes minted.com stand out from others to me is the convenience. Not only do they make it easy to customize your order, they will even address the envelopes for you! I remember being half asleep and getting major writers cramp trying to address a bunch of envelopes by hand when here I could have just thrown a stamp on them and gone back to sleep! The last thing any new mom wants to do when the baby is finally napping is to address envelopes (that’s precious showering/eating/sleeping time!) let them do it for you.


Go check out minted.com, you will be glad you did. Your biggest problem will be narrowing down which design to choose from!

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