Cooking with Booze

I enjoy my drinks so imagine how my interest peaked when I got a copy of Cooking with Booze by George Harvey Bone I immediately got to reading. This book has recipes for any kind of alcohol and it’s broken down by kind so you will be able to use whatever you have around your house to be able to make something incredible. 

I found the recipes in this book really amazing because there were some recipes I’ve had before, hello beer battered, and there were things I had never heard of like Amaretto Spinach Salad and Matelote Normande. I’m telling you, this book will make you both hungry and ready for a drink at the same time.

Even if you don’t have a fully stocked cabinet in the house, the recipes in here work for whatever your preference of alcohol is and your budget. You can eat like a champagne king on a cheap beer budget and it will taste amazing!

This book would be a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for any drinker or food lover in your life, you can find as many copies as you need right here. This would be the perfect addition to any person in your life who collects cookbooks like me and loves finding diamonds in the rough to try out new things!

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