Redpack Tomatoes Giveaway

(Photo courtesy of Redpack Tomatoes)

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Adventures of Ai: Review and Giveaway



I was asked to review a new children’s e-book by New York Times bestselling author Craig Bouchard called The Adventures of Ai. Being released July 16th, this book is directed toward 9-12 years olds and is a little bit of everything-fiction and non-fiction along with historical and fantasy elements.


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Have You Been Minted?

I have reached the promised land in paper supplies. I have discovered a great website for those looking for that perfect way to announce their big event,!

This site has everything from wedding invites to party decorations but what really stood out for me was their fabulous birth announcements. They have so many different options, including beautiful foil pressed announcements.(Seriously, check those out. They actually let you see how the foil shines!) It would be impossible for you not to find something that introduces your new little munchkin in a way totally unique to you. They even offer free samples for new moms to check out!

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