Sites I Love-The Pioneer Woman

I’ll admit it. I had no idea who Ree Drummond was until I was channel surfing one Saturday morning and saw a show on The Food Network called The Pioneer Woman. I was hooked pretty quickly. She was so real and was making food that people without a Masters in Iron Chef could easy do in the kitchen. After the show I went online and looked up her site and I was hooked ever since.

Since she has been blogging for a few years now, her site has grown into quite a large place now but she still writes like she did in the beginning. Her husband, Marlboro Man, also pops on and talks about life on the ranch and how to care for the animals.

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Ree has done what most bloggers dream about, becoming successful by being herself!

Do you have a blog that you love? Add it in the comments and it might show up in the future!

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